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"Crash Course for a Crashing World:
How to Successfully Surmount the Challenges"

by Rabbi Heshy Kleinman

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Raritan Valley Gemach List

   "Gemach" is the Hebrew acronym for Gemilus Chassadim = Acts of Kindness.
   Jews use a Gemach in order to help each other without asking for compensation
   for their efforts.
   You can download the Raritan Valley New Jersey Gemach List by
clicking here.

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Crash Course for a Crashing World: How to Successfully Surmount the Challenges
ALSO Practical Strategies for Strengthening our Emunah through Tefillah
   by Rabbi Heshy Kleinman, author of "Praying With Fire"

Virtual presentation to Aneinu: International Tehillim Organization, www.aneinu.com
(March 17, 2020 - April 2, 2020)

    Left click on a link to listen to the audio. Right click on a link to download the audio file.
    (file size is in parentheses)

   INTRODUCTION: Coronavirus - What We Can Do in These Uncertain Times (3.36 MB)

   SHIUR 1: Strengthening Our Commitment to Hashem in a Time of Crisis (8.15 MB)

   SHIUR 2: What Does Hashem Want - Searching for Clues (6.51 MB)

   SHIUR 3: Maximizing the Power of Prayer in Challenging Times (7.74 MB)

   SHIUR 4: I'm No Tzaddik - Do My Tefillos Realy Help? (6.98 MB)

   SHIUR 5: Igniting the Hidden Power of Our Personal Prayers (8.23 MB)

   SHIUR 6: How to Truly Connect to Hashem Through Tefillah (6.34 MB)

   SHIUR 7: How to Achieve Greatness in Turbulent Times (6.97 MB)

For more information about these shiurim or questions you may have for Rabbi Kleinman, please email  info@prayingwithfire.org


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