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"All of the service of Hashem is dependent upon the improvement of one's character traits....."
Vilna Gaon - Even Shleima, Chapter 1

What is ACTT?

ACTT is an organization that began in 2006 to facilitate meaningful and lasting character improvement by using a methodology that includes learning Torah, performing actions, making commitments, and sharing motivational material. ACTT creates an environment that supports an individual's efforts by assisting with challenges and celebrating successes.

ACTT membership is free and admission is free to ACTT events. You can remotely participate in the ACTT program by listening to the event speakers on this web site's Audio pages and by accessing the material on this web site's Module pages. You can purchase the source books from your local Jewish bookstore or online (see this web site's Links page). As an ACTT member, you will receive e-mails that provide chizuk, web site update notifications, and event-related information.

Have you been unable to sustain your efforts to make meaningful character/middos changes?

Join others sharing the same desire for success.

Be part of an exciting & free program online:


www.actt613.org           "info <at> actt613.org"

Mission Statement

To provide a Torah-based approach and a support system that nurture spiritual growth and sustain enduring positive change.

Impetus for the Program

To provide a set of tools and a support system that foster success for individuals who want to make meaningful and lasting changes in their lives.

The need to take positive and concrete action that will serve as a zechus (merit) for those who are sick or are experiencing other hardships in our families and communities, and as a merit for Klal Yisrael in the face of the current crisis in Israel and world-wide anti-Semitism.

Program Material

Start date for the "Kiddush Hashem - Sanctification of G-d's Name" Module 2: Monday, November 25, 2019. For the module material, see the Modules: latest page. For the booster event information, see the Events page.

To listen to or download the informative and inspiring shiurim from the events, see the Audio: latest and Audio Archive pages.

See the Modules: latest and Module Archive pages for the module material (packets, learning schedules).

To become a member or learn more about the ACTT organization, see the Membership 
page. Please e-mail "partners <at> actt613.org" to request to partner with another ACTT member to learn and discuss the material in the ACTT program. Please include in the e-mail your: name, gender, and telephone number.

For event details, see the Events page.

See the Links page for Source Book and Shiurim/Chizuk suggested websites.

To download the master list of Learning Resources from the ACTT Program, click here.

ACTT Leadership

The ACTT organization is spearheaded by a group of Rabbinic and lay leaders in the Raritan Valley area of Central New Jersey.

The members of the Rabbinic Advisory Committee are:
    Rabbi David Bassous, Congregation Etz Ahaim
    Rabbi Gedaliah Jaffe, Congregation Ahavas Yisrael    
    Rabbi Eliyahu Kaufman, Congregation Ohav Emeth
    Rabbi Yaakov Luban, Congregation Ohr Torah
    Rabbi Steven Miodownik, Congregation Ahavas Achim
    Rabbi Abraham Mykoff, Congregation Poile Zedek
    Rabbi Efrayim Unterman, Young Israel of East Brunswick

The members of the ACTT Leadership Committee are: 
Jonathan Abrahams - Congregation Ahavas Achim Representative;   
                                  Chair, Membership; "jonathan <at> actt613.org"

    Wendy Bar - Congregation Etz Ahaim Representative; 
                       Special Projects; "wendy <at> actt613.org"

    Joe Friedman - Congregation Ohav Emeth Representative;
                          Special Projects; "joe <at> actt613.org"

    Phil Rosen - ACTT Leadership Committee Coordinator;
                     Chair,   ACTT Program & Events; "phil <at> actt613.org"
    Aviva Siegel - Congregation Ohr Torah Representative; 
                         Chair, Chizuk; "aviva <at> actt613.org"

For more information:

Please read the "ACTT Welcome Kit" or e-mail us at: "info <at> actt613.org"

Raritan Valley Gemach List:
"Gemach" is the Hebrew acronym for Gemilus Chassadim = Acts of Kindness. Jews use a Gemach in order to help each other without asking for compensation for their efforts. You can download the Raritan Valley New Jersey Gemach List by clicking here.

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