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Ahavas Chesed - Loving Kindness
Event Audios
"How to Create Meaningful Change in Our Lives" - Rabbi Jay Yaacov Schwartz 5/14/2006
"It All Starts With Loving Kindness" - Rabbi Paysach Krohn 1/13/2007
Note: there was no event for Module 3
"More Than 'Just' a Chesed - The Incredible Potential of Your Words"- Rabbi Chaim Leiter 2/21/2009

"How the Enormous Power of Ahavas Chesed Transforms You and Others" - Rabbi Yitzchok Fingerer 3/24/2019
Anger Management for Positive Results
Module Packets
Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
Event Audios
"Being Cool Without Losing Your Cool" - Rabbi David   Bassous11/12/2006
"How to Stay Cool, Calm, and Collected" - Rabbi BenTzion Shafier 7/1/2007
"Anger - The Destructive Force" - Rabbi Yaakov Luban 7/18/2010
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