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HaKaras HaTov - Gratitude
Event Audios

"Building An Attitude of Gratitude" - Rabbi Jonathan Rietti 4/22/2007

"HaKaras HaTov - A Lot More Than Saying Thank You" - Rabbi Eliyahu Kaufman 2/26/2012

"Gratitude: The Secret to Jewish Success" - Mr. Charlie Harary, Esq. 4/19/2015

"HaKaras HaTov; Unlocking One's Inner Greatness", including a tribute to Alice Gordon, a"h - Rabbi Eliyahu

Kaufman 7/15/2018; handout

Judging Favorably
Event Audios

"Judging Favorably- Naiveté or Shrewdness?" - Rabbi Yaakov Luban 7/16/2006

"Judging Favorably in the Courtroom of the Mind" - Rabbi Steven Miodownik 11/17/2007

"Judging Others Favorably: A Mirror For The Soul"- Rabbi Gedaliah Jaffe 11/22/2008

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